Sebastian Werle
Silesian University of Technology, Poland

Prof. Sebastian Werle is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology and the head of the Laboratory of the Renewable Energy Sources. He is a Faculty V-ce Dean for Cooperation and Development and the Coordinator of the Priority Research Area Climate and Environmental Protection, Modern Energy. He has participated extensively as a partner and coordinator in European and national research projects and has published over 300 papers in peer-reviewed journals. He is a Member of the Polish Section of the Combustion and Thermodynamics Committee Polish Science Academy and Polish Section of the Combustion Institute, Member of the Asia-Pacific Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering Society and World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology. He is an editorial board member of: Journal of Power Technologies, International Journal of Energy and Power Engineering and International Journal of Waste Management and Technology. His professional interests include thermal use of sewage sludge and biomass, gasification, pyrolysis, including solar process, and modern recycling techniques, including chemical processes.