Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences


Division of Biogenic Raw Materials conducts research in the field of environmental management and engineering as well as biotechnology. Division participates in international projects (Horizon 2020, EIT Raw Materials, NAWA) related to resources and waste management, including development of recommendations (road maps) for the implementation of the European Green Deal, sustainable development (SD), circular economy (CE) in the raw materials, water and sewage, fertilizer and agri-food sectors.


Project „water-CE-management in practice - developing comprehensive solutions for water recovery and raising awareness of the key role of water in the transformation process towards a circular economy (CE)” is implemented in the years 2022-2024 with the support of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants.

Optimus Foundation

The main areas of the interest are support projects for those in need, including social welfare centers for the elderly, the disabled and children. i Special interst is ecological education and promotion of zero waste strategy and circular economy.

Science Trainer


Founded in 2016, Science Trainer is the first Polish company specialised in researcher development services. Working with experts specialised in different research skills, we offer support to groups or individual researchers. The company provides services of planning and organisation of actions aiming to fully explore potential of Polish researchers for the benefit of science, society and economy.

Polish Waterworks Chamber of Commerce


The Chamber of Commerce Polish Waterworks is the only organisation of economic self-government in the water and sewage sector in Poland. The Chamber of Commerce brings together 507 of the largest companies in the water and waste water market. The headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce “Polish Waterworks” is located in Bydgoszcz. The Chamber strives to create favorable conditions for the functioning of the water and sewage sector.

The National Centre for Research and Development


The main task of the National Centre for Research and Development is management and execution of strategic research and development programs, which lead directly to the development of innovativeness. Among the tasks of the National Centre for Research and Development, are the support of commercialization and other forms of transfer of scientific research results, the management of applied research programs and the performance of national security and defense projects.

Ministry of Climate and Environment


Ministry of Climate, through its input into national policies, fosters the environment both domestically and globally, and ensures the long-term, sustainable national development with respect of natural heritage and human rights to meet the needs of both the present and the future generations.

Polish Young Academy


The Academy of Young Scholars of the Polish Academy of Sciences was established to promote research and development work carried out by outstanding people form the Polish science community. The tasks of the Academy focus on activities aimed at activating the community of young scientists, among other by organizing debats, discussions and scientific conferences; preparation of scientific opinions or dissemination of ethical standards among young scientists.

IWA Poland


The International Water Association (IWA) is a nonprofit organization and knowledge hub for the water sector, with over 60 years of experience connecting water professionals worldwide to find solutions to the world's water challenges. IWA works across a wide range of issues covering the full water cycle, with four programmes (Digital Water, Basins of the Future, Cities of the Future, Water and Sanitation Services) that work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Forum Eksploatatora

Forum Eksploatatora deals with technical issues related to the operation of water and sewage management facilities and devices. Articles, comments, technical and legal opinions and polemics are intended to help and exchange professional experiences.

Wodociągi Polskie Journal


Each issue of the "Wodociągi Polskie" quarterly has its main topic around which it focuses and provides the recipients with comprehensive information. In "Wodociągi Polskie" there are articles on law and legislative issues, economic analyzes, technical articles and columns. The representatives of the industry take the floor, presenting the achievements and flagship investments of their companies. Readers will learn from the quarterly how to manage a water and sewage company even better.